1. Complaints about the implementation and /or amount of the payment can be submitted to the board of SCGO.
  2. If you have a complaint about SCGO and / or the (administrative) activities performed by it, you can send a letter to:

Aerdenhoutsduinweg 1
2111 AN Aerdenhout
Or by e-mail to:
In the letter or e-mail you must at least state the following information:

  • your name and address details;
  • a clear description of your complaint;
  • any documents with which you can substantiate your complaint;
  • if a complaint (also) relates to a third party, the name and address details of that third party.
  1. The complainant will be given the opportunity at least once by the board to respond to the complaint orally or in writing, and will receive a written report of the handling of the complaint. The board may decide to hear witnesses and experts. The complaint is assessed according to Dutch law and the board is free in its evaluation of evidence, decides by a majority of votes, must properly motivate its decision and at least state the facts and evidence. If the complaint is (partially) declared unfounded, the board can decide that the complainant must pay (part of) the costs of handling the complaint.
  2. SCGO will send you a confirmation of receipt upon receipt of your complaint. SCGO strives to handle your complaint within one month.

The payout

Stichting de Thuiskopie and the Leenrecht foundation pay out funds to affiliates such as SCGO at irregular times during the year. SCGO aims to make an individual payment no later than six weeks after the funds have been received.