The Foundation

The Collective Money Broadcasting Foundation (SCGO) represents the Netherlands and foreign broadcasters (or their representatives) in the distribution of home copying and lending rights fees. SCGO is as such a Collective Management Organization (cbo).

In accordance with the articles of incorporation the board of the foundation consists of at least three members. They are appointed by the Association of Commercial Broadcasters, (VCO) and the Dutch Public Broadcasting Company, (NPO) In the event of amendment (s) of the articles of association and / or regulations and in the case of new articles of association and / or regulations, SCGO will inform the affiliated rights holders thereof within one month by post and / or e-mail as soon as these have been adopted. The foundation’s administration is carried out at the SCGO office in Aerdenhout.

The board of SCGO acts in accordance with board regulations. The board supervises the functioning of the SCGO management. The SCGO management works according to management regulations.

SCGO is affiliated with Stichting de Thuiskopie and is also on the board of the Stichting de Thuiskopie. Stichting de Thuiskopie is the distribution organization for the affiliated CBOs. More information about the private copying allowance can be found at the Stichting Thuiskopie.