The Collective Money Broadcasting Foundation reports annually on the activities and gives account and accountability to the Copyright Supervisory Board ( This is done by means of an annual report approved by an accountant. Under the Supervision of Collective Management Organizations for Copyright and Related Rights Act that came into force on 15 July 2003, the Copyright and Related Rights Supervision Board (CvTA) is charged with the supervision of a number of collective management organizations. Among other things, the Board ensures that collective management organizations keep a clear (financial) administration, collect the fees due for the use of copyright-protected works in a lawful manner and at reasonable management costs and distribute them to right holders in a timely manner, apply transparent tariff structures, and are sufficiently equipped to perform their duties properly. Every year, the Board reports to the Minister of Security and Justice on its activities. The Minister forwards this report to the Senate and the House of Representatives and to the collective management organizations.

Management costs SCGO

SCGO reserves an amount of the total funds received for the management costs of SCGO. These are, for example, the costs for administration, representation in the CBOs, possibly market research and the engagement of external experts in the legal and financial field. SCGO’s annual report provides an account of these costs, which may not exceed 15% of the income. SCGO strives to ensure that the percentage of the management costs in no year exceeds 10% of the total income in that year.


All annual reports of SCGO are only available in Dutch.

In case you have questions concerning these annual reports, please contact SCGO directly.